Corporate Events

Bringing Breathwork Into Your Business

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Gather. Breath. Connect

Happier and healthier employees = a more productive and profitable workplace!

Boost Team Morale

Teams that play together, stay together! You can bring relaxation and joy into the workday.

Cultivate Mindset

Successful leaders know this secret: it is essential to cultivate mindsets that help employees thrive in an environment of uncertainty and relentless pressure. Help support your employees’ bodies and minds so that they are empowered to respond — rather than react — when the stakes are at their highest.


The benefits of Breathwork include better sleep, deep relaxation, and reduced stress and anxiety; all essential for your employees to be at their best, both personally and professionally.


Breathwork is a high-impact, low effort short-cut to self-regulation. Side effects include clearer thinking, improved focus, and increased level of energy, which can be the key to get your team back on track; most importantly, re-establishing the bonds to ourselves and to our teammates, giving your company a competitive edge. There is no barrier for entry – it can be done by anyone, from anywhere, and at any time.


Through a curated program of fun, impactful practice and open dialogue, our corporate event will allow your team to dive deeper into the connection of their mind and body, giving everyone the opportunity to reset, elevate, and step into extraordinary. It allows staff to think outside of the box and lets their subconscious do the work.