Private sessions

Breathwork sessions are opportunities for you to connect with the deepest parts of yourself in a supported and safe environment. This simple practice can create profound healing and personal transformation. 

A group breathwork session might not feel right for everyone. Perhaps you may feel that you can’t be free with others around, or maybe you’re not comfortable being emotional or crying in the presence of others (all things that can crop up during a journey!)

Breathwork is the most effective when you allow whatever arises to come up. It works best when you try not to control or censor yourself, but actually allow yourself to be free and go to deep.

We will be with you throughout the entirety of the session, offering support and guidance, and helping you to navigate through any difficult moments.

Individual Sessions

Private Breathwork Session

During a session, we begin with some conversation and discuss your intentions: what areas of life you are wanting to cultivate. You will be supported throughout the process. Each session lasts a total of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. For your first session, we will begin with a more in-depth introduction to breathwork, covering the breathing patterns and the positive effects of the practice. The first session is a longer session to help you get fully prepared to begin your journey with breathwork. You can expect to feel deep relaxation, higher states of awareness, deep releases, and in the process, create big shifts in your life.

2 hours • $195

(Available in-person and online)

Couples Session

For your first couples session, we will explore your intentions together, finding out what each partner is seeking through this experience. We go over the fundamentals of the breathing patterns and uncover the benefits of meditating together as a couple. By engaging in somatic-based practices, like partnered-breathing, we can rekindle the emotional connection and support emotional expression with our partners with full-bodied attention, whole-hearted awareness, and compassion and love.

2 hours • $300

(Available in-person and online)


Private Parties Up To 8 People

Share the gift of breathwork and cold water therapy with the people you love. A Breath of Life Journey is a postive way to ring in a birthday or New Year with family and friends! For small groups of 8 or less, we will begin with an in-depth introduction to breathwork, laying the groundwork for the breathing and meditation  practice after. We then have an optional group discussion, finishing with an optional cold water therapy plunge.

2 hours • $400

(Available in-person and online)

Any Party Over 8 People

For larger groups, we begin the practice with a group minded intention and help stimulate group connectedness, gratitude, and love for others. This is a great option for families and friends to feel free to talk about what’s bothering you and express anything that needs to be expressed. Everyone then will have an opportunity to share their experience. If you wish, we can discuss the topics and experiences that emerged. If you’d rather be with yourself and not say anything, that’s okay too.

2 hours • $50 per person